I know it’s been remarkably quiet on the blog lately. During the last 12 months I was working full-time at a berlin based design agency and besides trips to Spain and Japan, I spent most of my spare time with the family. I’m aware that some of you are eagerly awaiting recap posts filled with photos and brief stories from my travels, but it might take me a bit more time to get them up on the blog.

While I’m already done with sorting the photos from this years Japan trip, there are still dozens of photos from my journeys to Sierra Morena and Andujar from April waiting to be put on here. The fantastic weather here in Berlin, is not helping either. It’s almost impossible to spend time in front of an illuminated screen, when you can be out there – enjoying summerly temperatures in the middle of September.

During the last week I had day trips to my favorite lakes in the north of Berlin, but even if I enjoyed the time on the water, there was something missing. Of course, I brought my topwater lures and tackle, but it was extremely difficult to get a few bites in or to catch fish. Missing out on the excitement of Topwater angling can be a little frustrating after a while – especially after all these exciting fishing moments abroad…

Luckily my family is quite understanding when it comes to my topwater nerdiness and allowed me to go on a last trip for this year. Going back to Andalusia was an easy choice and the fact that I’m already traveling mid of next week makes me tingle for excitement.

There’s a new place on my list for the coming trip called Embalse de la Fernandina. Which reminds me to give credit for the fantastic cover photo of this post. It was taken on November 11, 2013 by talyailma. Cheers!
I heard about La Fernandina a few times before and it’s just about an hour away from two of my favorite places in Sierra Andujar. I’m a bit worried about the big pikes that are caught there every now and then, but there seems to be a decent bass population as well. Bringing a few steel leaders might be a good idea…

Water levels in Andalusia are on an all-time low at the moment which can make things more difficult, but might also lead to some spectacular views at some of my favorite spots. La Fernandina looks challenging at first glance (see Instagram shot below), but I’m up for that. Going there with fellow friend Enrique will be fun. ¡vámonos!

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