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Munch It – Vol. 01

A brief look inside the first installment of the „Japanese Anglers Archive“

„Handsome“ Day

Nagoya sightseeing – including a workshop tour and visit to Boaster Cafe

Lamia’s Cygnet

Stunning and highly creative interpretation of a classic original

Rotton Spirit Of Basser

Excited and happy to get hands on this cooperation lure by Rotton and 2tone

Rowdy Hound

A special and highly unique interpretation of the classic Red Head color pattern

Permanent Vacation

A sneak peek at the inspiring work of Hiroyuki Matsuda

Favorite Color Patterns

Developing a fondness for classic frog patterns and high-contrast variations

Eye For Detail

Build something that not only catches fish, but the eye (and heart) as well.

Budd & Joey Articles

Inspiration found in Japanese bass fishing magazines from 2002 to today...